In a world of cutthroat lawyers and corporate greed, “Clandestine 101 Entangled Loyalties” reveals how Bennett Potier and Raymond Dollar of Raymond Esquire Law firm guard their wealth and reputation with secrets until alliances fracture, and the consequences of illicit deals emerge

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Where a lie is behind every truth...and trust is a dangerous game

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About the Book

In “Clandestine 101,” a gripping drama, the lives of Raymond and Bennett, partners in a prestigious law firm, become entangled as their hidden motives and secrets come to light.Sidney, a determined veterinarian, and Bennett’s daughter embarks on a quest to unveil the truth about her identity and uncovers a web of betrayal and intrigue. The novel explores the complexities of loyalty, power, and deception, weaving together a narrative of ambition and the consequences of choices made in the shadows.

Behind The Scenes: The Audible Book

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