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Step into a world where truth is rare and secrets are currency
In a world where lawyers rule and money talks, greed and bad business deals run rampant.
Enter a world where secrets and lies are the currency of the powerful, and the truth is a rare commodity.

A high-stakes game of cat and mouse ensues as those who seek justice are pitted against those who will stop at nothing to protect their wealth and reputation.

Will the truth prevail or will the forces of darkness win out?

Find out in this gripping tale of Lawyers, Money, Greed, Bad Business Deals, Secrets, and Lies. 



An Ivy-league Stanford Law Student Sidney Poitier’ who is in her last year of law school, is dependent on her parents. Sidney’s passion has always been to become a veterinarian, but her parents insisted on law school.  Her parents are paying her way through Law School and taking care of her living expenses, and now they want to introduce her to some prominent lawyer by the name of Raymond because they feel they will make a great couple. 

Sidney’s parents are living their life through her. Sidney is not looking to be hooked up by her parents. She wants control of her own life, career, and educational goals. Sidney confides in her girlfriends for help, and she is introduced to an opportunity, that she thinks will help her become independent, but later to find out Sidney’s irrational decision could be her downfall, or it could actually propel her toward her own independence.

Lana Gordon
Voicing Sidney

Johnathan C. Williams Voicing Raymond

Marcie Berry - Voicing Sidney's Mother

Steven Hollingsworth - Voicing Sidney's Father


"Pull those words from paper to reality"

Nat Bushell is an up-and-coming screenwriter and film producer who discovered her passion for writing while volunteering at her church’s Children’s Ministry, where she created scripts for puppet shows. This experience sparked her love for scriptwriting and has since written short animation shows, movies, and an audio drama. Writing and producing movies is not just a hobby for Nat, it feels like her life’s purpose. She has a strong passion for writing screenplays and feels an adrenaline rush when doing so. Nat is always looking for ways to improve the plots of movies she watches.

  1. Lulu Fall – Song Runaway
  2. Jon Vinyl- Addiction
  3. Janelle Sy’mone-Prove it to me
  4. Hidden Treasure – BLAYZEE (Gary Scales, Iren Greene and Damien Turner produced by Rod Ski Merritt)
  5. Things That You Do-  BLAYZEE (Gary Scales,Iren Greene, Didier Harris and Damien Turner produced by Rod Ski Merritt)
  6. Black Point- is me only (Gary Scales produced by BeatHead)
  7. Tonight- (Mikey Phillps, Colin Phillips,Gary Scales,Rico Buchanan produced by BeatHead)
  8. Black Love- (Mikey Phillips,Gary Scales,Rico Buchanan produced by Beathead)