About Nat Bushell

Nat Bushell is a passionate screenwriter and film producer. I have always dreamed of becoming the next famous screenwriter, I discovered this passion about eight years ago while volunteering during my Church’s Children Ministry. My family and I helped with the puppet shows playing characters for this puppet family. We asked if we could make up some scripts for the puppet family and that’s where my love for scriptwriting all began. After that, I started writing short animation shows, and short movies for a great children’s production called, the Faith Kids Ministry you can check them out when you get a chance check it out at faithkids.net. I even wrote, and produce a , audio drama titled, “My Life”. I have a passion in writing screenplays and producing movies, it actually feels like I was born to do this. I do remember being in the third grade, and hearing my English teacher say to me, “someday you are going to be a great writer”. However, I never gave that any thought as I grew older. I just begin to write and allow my imagination to run wild and free. I begin to get a fix, out-of-writing screen plays. I would actually get an adrenaline rush when writing screenplays, it’s like riding that roller coaster, and when it reaches that steep hill and drops suddenly, that is exactly how I feel when writing. I feel alive when I write screen plays. Also, how I knew I was passionate about writing screenplays, I would always watch a movie and think of many ways it could have been written better, or I would always know the plot of the movie.